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Solar starts with Glean

Solar starts with Glean

Glean is a broker of solar quotes.

With our service, you get:

3 solar quotes from verified installers

An easy-to-compare solar quote summary

A quote review call to answer your questions

Assistance with the Greener Homes interest free loan

Our service is free for homeowners because we collect a service fee from the installer that you choose. 

At Glean we understand that finding, locating, and choosing the right team to install solar can be a daunting and time-consuming task. You’ve already made the responsible choice to use solar to offset your carbon footprint by generating your own energy, but where do you start? Glean sources the best solar quotes from our network of installers to provide you with vetted options to choose the most ideal solution to fit your needs. Solar installers compete for your business so you know you’re getting the best deal.

We proudly serve Canadian home and business owners.

Use Glean to get the best solar quotes for free!

Use Glean to get the best solar quotes for free!

We ensure all Glean solar quotes include a detailed solar PV system design, solar production estimate, projected utility bill savings, equipment warranties, price comparison, grant/rebate amounts, and more. Glean also highlights important financial metrics you can use to evaluate each option, such as the payback period. Using Glean can save you 20% or more on the price of installing solar simply by receiving multiple quotes, comparing them, and selecting the best value.

We want to help you start your path to energy savings.
Let Glean do all the hard work to find the best solar installer for your needs.
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How to get the #canadagreenerhomesgrant and loan: Step 1: Apply for the Greener Homes Grant Step 2: Get 3 solar quotes (I can help with this for free!) #gleansolar Step 3: Get a pre-solar EnerGuide evaluation Step 4: Apply for the interest-free solar loan Step 5: Choose a #solarinstaller & pay a deposit Step 6: Install Solar! Step 7: Schedule your post-solar #EnerGuide evaluation Step 8: Upload receipts to your program portal Step 9: Use the #loan to pay the remaining balance Step 10: Recieve your #grant cheque Step 11: Repay the loan with solar savings

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