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Here is all the info you need to take advantage of Canada’s interest-free solar loan which provides Canadian homeowners with a 10-year interest-free solar loan up to a maximum of $40,000.

Step 1: Get a pre-solar EnerGuide evaluation

Service organizations (energy auditors) help you plan energy saving projects. Use this link to search for service organizations in your area. Once you book your pre-solar EnerGuide home evaluation, they will send an energy advisor to evaluate your home using the EnerGuide Rating Service so you can participate in the Greener Homes Loan.

A pre-solar EnerGuide evaluation typically costs $450-$650 depending on the size and location of your home. This evaluation analyzes how your home uses, wastes and creates energy. As part of a home energy assessment, a home energy expert will:

  • Complete a blower door test to identify air leakage spots
  • Use a thermal imaging camera to reveal insulation gaps
  • Measure the thickness of attic and wall insulation
  • Provide you with an EnerGuide label and rating
  • Provide you with a home energy assessment report that includes recommended energy efficiency projects

We recommend double-checking with your energy advisor to ensure they include solar as a recommended retrofit on your home upgrade report. Your energy advisor must upload your EnerGuide Label to the Greener Homes program which will allow you to proceed with the loan application.

A thermal imaging camera is used to reveal insulation gaps during an energy assessment
A thermal imaging camera is used to reveal insulation gaps during an energy assessment
Step 2: Get 3 solar quotes

You can use Glean’s free solar quote service to save time and easily compare 3 solar quotes with the help of a Glean solar expert. Otherwise, you are free to solicit and compare quotes from 3 separate companies independently.

To use Glean’s free quote service fill in some information about your home here. We will then begin the work to obtain solar quotes for your home from our network of verified installers. Once we get the quotes we will reach out to you to schedule a quote review call to explain the differences and unique features of each quote and take some time to answer any questions you may have. You will receive a detailed summary comparing the most important aspects of each quote.

Step 3: Choose a solar installer

Glean will review each solar quote with you and outline the unique differences between each installer. We will help you decide which solar installer best aligns with your values. Once you have made your decision we will connect you with your chosen solar installer to finalize a contract. You will then use this contract price to apply for the Greener Homes loan.

Step 4: Apply for the interest-free solar loan

You will be notified when your energy advisor has submitted your EnerGuide Label to the Greener Homes portal. At this point, you can begin your application for Canada’s interest-free solar loan. You will have to upload documentation to the loan portal, such as:

  • your property tax statement
  • your driver’s license or other government ID
  • a utility bill
  • confirmation of income and employment (for example, a job letter or a T4 slip)
  • your Glean solar quote summary
Step 5: Pay an initial deposit

The only way to secure the price you’ve chosen is to provide the solar installer with a deposit. This will allow the installer to begin the process of permitting, finalizing your solar design, engineering, and ordering equipment. Once you have been accepted to the Greener Homes Loan, you can access up to 15% of your available loan funds to contribute to your solar installer’s required deposit amount.

Step 6: Install Solar!

Your chosen solar installer will let you know when they plan to come to your house to install solar. Depending on the size of your system, it could take anywhere from 1-5 days to complete the installation. They will install racking bars, solar panels, and inverters on your roof. They will then connect the system to your electrical panel, ensure everything is working properly and connect your smartphone to energy monitoring software.

Solar panels being installed on a roof
Solar panels being installed on a roof
Step 7: Schedule your post-solar EnerGuide evaluation

Once your solar installation is complete, you must schedule a post-solar EnerGuide evaluation with the same energy advisor that completed your pre-solar EnerGuide evaluation. This evaluation is typically much quicker and cheaper ($250 – $350) than the first evaluation. This assessment proves to the Greener Homes program that you’ve installed solar and made your house Greener!

Again, your energy advisor must upload your post-solar EnerGuide Label to the Greener Homes program which will allow you to proceed.

Step 8: Upload receipts to your program portal

Now that you’ve had 2 energy assessments and installed solar, it is time for the home stretch! You will be notified when your energy advisor has submitted all the necessary information into the portal so you can review your EnerGuide evaluation documents.

At this point, you will need to upload the following documents:

  • 1 receipt for your pre-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation that is marked “paid”
  • 1 receipt for your post-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation that is marked “paid”
  • All receipts and invoices marked “paid” from your solar installer for solar installation costs
  • A copy of the interconnection agreement issued by your local electrical authority provided by your solar installer
Step 9: Use the loan to pay the remaining balance

You will be notified when your documents have been reviewed and approved. The final approved loan amount will be deposited into your bank account (less the initial deposit amount, if you received one). You can then use this amount to pay the remaining balance owed to your solar installer.

Step 10: Repay the loan with solar savings

In most cases, we’ve found that the loan payments are relatively close to the expected electricity bill savings generated by solar. This means that over the 10 years that you are repaying the loan, you aren’t out money because of the savings generated by solar. Once the loan is paid off, the electricity bill savings will continue and even grow as grid electricity prices rise!

Glean is a broker of solar quotes that was built by Canadians to make solar easier for Canadians. We provide you with 3 solar quotes, an easy-to-compare quote summary (that includes a detailed financial analysis) and a quote review call to answer your questions. Our service is free for homeowners! With Glean, there’s no back-and-forth with multiple installers. You get our unbiased opinion to help you make the best decision for you and your family!