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About Glean


Glean is an online solar broker that does the hard work to collect and help you compare the most important aspects of 3 custom solar quotes. We also guide you through the greener homes grant/loan process and help you decide which solar installer is right for you.

Glean sends you 3 solar quotes plus our expert summary to make it easy to compare the unique features of each quote. This makes it easier for you to find the best price, warranty, solar panel layout and solar installer. Our service is free for homeowners!

We are also available to help homeowners that already have solar quotes compare and decide which installer is best!

Start by entering the required information about your property on our GET SOLAR QUOTES page. Only essential information will be shared with solar installers. Your name, email and phone number aren’t shared. Your address is shared so each company can use satellite imagery to assess your home and develop a more accurate quote.

Before we send your information to 3 solar installers, we will send you an example layout and price ranges we are currently seeing for similar projects. This will give you an idea of what a solar installation on your home could look like and cost.

If the rough estimate aligns with your expectations and you want to proceed with 3 custom solar quotes, we ask that you apply to the greener homes program and schedule an energy assessment. This is because it can take several weeks to get approval, and we want to ensure your solar quotes (typically good for 30 days) are still valid once you get approved for the grant.

If the rough estimate aligns with your plans and you’ve scheduled your energy assessment, we will begin getting you 3 solar quotes from local and verified solar installers. Once we receive your quotes, we will reach out to schedule a quote review call where we will outline the unique features of each quote and answer any questions you have. You will also receive a quote summary that makes it easy to compare the most important factors of each quote like price, warranty and installer experience.

Once you have decided which solar installer quote is right for you, we will introduce you to the people behind the quote, and then the work begins. The installer will coordinate with you to find a date and time to complete the job. The solar experts at Glean are always around throughout the process to answer questions.

Is Glean in my area?

We are currently able to deliver 3 solar quotes to homeowners in Alberta. For all other provinces, we are happy to help you review and compare any quotes you get on your own.

Can Glean help me access the grant and loan?

Absolutely! All of our Glean solar experts are knowledgeable about how to access grants and rebates. We can help you jump through the hoops necessary to get that free cash! See our guide to the Canada Greener Homes Program.

Is there a cost for Glean services?

Our service is free for homeowners to use. Since Glean connects homeowners who are serious about pursuing solar with quality local solar installers, our installers pay us a small service fee on a per-job basis.

Can I contact multiple installers myself?

You can! But…

  • That takes time. Time to communicate with each installer. Time to sift through each quote. Time to make sense of the information in each quote.
  • By presenting you with multiple solar quotes through Glean’s platform, we can get you the best solar array for the best price.
Why does Glean Exist?

We believe that sustainability is too hard and we want to make it easier by connecting those that want to become more sustainable with companies that can make that happen. All the while, making the planet a little gleaner in the process.