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Glean is an online solar marketplace that helps solar installers win solar projects. We deliver multiple solar estimates to home and building owners using our network of solar installers. With Glean, our installers don’t pay for leads upfront. Our installers only pay once a customer commits to move forward.

Our network of trusted solar PV installers continues to grow, and we are looking for you! If you’re looking to win high-quality solar projects, apply to join our network below.

How Glean works:

1. Apply to join our installer network for free

The first step is to fill your information below. We will then reach out to schedule an introduction meeting between our team and yours. We will then review your information to determine whether this partnership is a good for for all parties.

2. Receive property information

When a homeowner meets our qualification requirements and is a good fit for your company, we will send you the property information via email. We ensure that customers are qualified candidates for solar and send you the information necessary complete a quality quote quickly.

3. Submit solar quotes

We ask that you send us your quote within 5-7 business days from when we sent you the original request. We review each estimate to ensure that it is realistic, achievable and accurate. Please do your best to provide an estimate that you can stand behind. If you foresee reasons why costs would increase substantially, please communicate that in your submission so the homeowner is aware.

Each customer receives an easy-to-compare quote summary document as well as your original proposal document. We the complete a quote review call with each homeowner to explain the quotes in more detail and answer any follow-up questions they have.

4. Win solar projects

If your estimate is chosen by the customer, we will make a direct introduction between you and the customer. At this point, it may be necessary to make a site visit and confirm details to deliver the customer a final quote and design.

5. Only pay Glean for projects you win

Once you have collected the first deposit from the customer, Glean will invoice you a fee that is based on a percentage of the final system cost.

Why Join?

Lower Cost per Customer

Less wasted time. Don’t pay for uninterested customers.

Easier Quoting Process

We collect property information from the owner and handle communication.

Improved Conversion Rate

All customers are pre-qualified to ensure they are good candidates for solar.

No Expensive Site Visits

Use the customer information we provide to create quotes easily.

Glean brings you solar projects and provides you with market insight and competitive intelligence. Our refined process makes it easy to quote and win solar projects. We help you find a steady stream of business by connecting you with property owners that are ready to install solar.

To get started, please fill out the form below. We’ll email you shortly after regarding next steps.

Thanks for your interest in joining our installer network. We’re excited to learn more about you and your company.